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The Studio 2 condominium is meant for the single working professionals. The units are just barely enough for one person. Two people will actually be pushing the limits of the place. However, even though each studio-type residential units are just slightly over 12 square meters in size, they are all cleverly designed to make the best use of the available floor space.

There are plenty of shelves and hanging cabinets and cupboards to provide residents with more than enough storage space without using up valuable floor space. You will need to learn how to live a minimalist lifestyle if you plan to move into Studio 2 but that does not necessarily need to be a bad thing because you will learn how to trim down on your excesses and learn to live happily with just the basic necessities.

The real selling point of the Studio 2 is the fact that it is in the middle of Filinvest City, a rapidly growing business powerhouse. If you work in any one of the dozens of different companies that have set up shop in Filinvest then you no longer have to worry about gridlock traffic going to work. You can just take your time and walk towards your office building.

If you are a young professional who wants to leave the roost and experience the real world but do so in relative comfort, then you should check out any of the available residential units in Studio 2. However, you need to hurry as there are only a couple of choice units left for sale, and they might not be there if you take too long making up your mind.

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